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Aug 20, 2013 6:00am EDT
by the daily beat the obama administration is not calling it a military coo. they have made a decision to reprogram funding to that country. should a coo be declared it would be illegal for the u.s. to restore any aid until a government is in place. reprogramming allow the administration wiggle room. that's been more than 6 weeks since the egypt military removed the country's president, president morsi. as for the way things are going now, cairo remains under a state of energy. a dusk to dawn curfew as they try to regain normalcy. they are detained the leader of the muslim brotherhood. we have breaking news in pakistan too. the former president has been indicted in his affirmation of the former prime minister. charges include murder and conspiracy to commit murder. a member of his legal team said he has pleaded not guilty. >>> a 25-year-old man digging a hole to build a deck at a home in search died when the trench he was digging collapsed. when firefighters arrived the man was buried up to his neck. then more of the trench collapsed on top of him burying him completely. he wa
Aug 22, 2013 6:00am EDT
president barack obama delivered a speech that included his now-famous red line remk involving the use of chemical weapons by the syrian regime. in the remarks made this most recent wednesday, the white house said it was working urgently to gather new information and if proven true will hold those responsible for that attack. hold them accountable. >>> anne arundel county police are still trying to identify a woman that was found on the side of the road at bayside beach road in pasadena during rush hour earlier this week. this morning police say that the woman was hit by a car and the driver took off without ever calling for help. so right now they're looking for the driver. we have a picture of the car they believe that the driver was driving. take a look at your screen because if you have any information about this deadly hit and run, police would like to hear from you. >>> he faced up to 90 years in prison, however, a judge gave bradley manning a 35-year sentence. he was found guilty of leaking classified information to website wikileaks. manning was acquitted of most serious charges o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2